Antipodes (Tippy).  Our Jack at DOnkey Tales Farm Cottages

Antipodes (Tippy)


Well, if you have ever wanted to meet the most handsome, gentle, affectionate jack donkey, I'm your stud!  

To date, I have never shown even a thought of being anything but, a teeny weeny bundle of four legged, furry, lovable gentleness.  


Though I am a breeding Jack, so I insist you treat me with the utmost respect.  Please, always say hello and pat me first, just so I know you are no threat to my girls.  I could on ocassion be a little posessive with the sweethearts in my paddock.  After all, I have a job to do and keeping them safe is a part of that.


I travelled with Maya, from Ecclestone Valley Miniatures in Tasmania.  And my new owners think I am a bundle of joy. They don't seem to mind that when all the donkeys are running around, I'm always last.  They tell me, slow and steady wins the race!!!


Until recently, I had heard people say, I am the smallest of all the donkeys at Donkey Tales Farm.  I take no offence, as I have the size where it counts the most! Ha ha!


I have also heard people say, I remind them of the famous donkey in the Shrek movie.  Yes, I really am that cute, those people are right!  Though I try not to be a nuisance.


When I bray, I make the sweetest sound of all the donkeys.  I throw in a delightful 'warble', that makes me a favourite. 


I am loaded with personality and I know you will love me.  I am such a good boy and I simply love all of the hands on attention I receive from visitors. I am not shy and happily come to you for a pat.  I may even sit on your lap if you sit on the park bench.  Be sure to give me a good butt scratch if I do!


Make sure you spend lots of time pampering me, because I will definately make you smile with my cuteness! 


Check out the photo, where I am saying hello to the ex- winning racehorse 'Leeway', in the paddock next to mine.

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Donkey Tales Tippy, our loved breeding jack.
Donkey Tales Tippy, our loved breeding jack.
Antipodes our bredding jack at DOnkey Tales Farm Cottages
Donkey Tales Tippy, our loved breeding jack.
Donkey Tales Farm Cottages, Tippy beiin so quick at getting some carrot!
Antipodes at Donkey Tales Farm stay cottages, giving out kisses
Antipodes meets Leeway.  Good friends having a catch up.  Tippy has noidea there is a height difference!
A beautiful moment captured, when a 94 year old gentleman, receives the respect from Tippy, the pack leader.