Apollo the Miniature donkey foal

Apollo - Our newest addition!  Born 12 November, 2015

Apollo the mini donkey is just born
Apollo the mini donkey having his first feed
Apollo the mini donkey having a rest in the shade

My name is Apollo and I arrived on the day I was due. 12 November 2015.

My Dam is Daisy and my Sire is Antipodes.  I am the first foal for both of my parents and That makes me very special to my family!


It only took nine minutes for me to be born and my Mum was really good, knowing just what to do, to make me feel welcome on this farm.  I must say, she wasn't so thrilled when I tried to suckle at first.  I managed to feel her hoof which sent me flying a couple of times, until she finally got used to it. 


She has been very protective of me, but is getting better now and more trusting of all the humans that keep coming to see me!  And Wow!  They sure keep coming!

When I was born, I didn't have any teeth, but after 7 days, my two bottom teeth were through and now at three weeks, I have four teeth and am trying really hard to chew grass and hay.  Sometimes I pull the flowers out of the flower pots, but I don't eat them, as that would upset my human mum, so I just throw them on the ground instead!


I already enjoy having visitors and I come running up to the fence to make sure I get plenty of pats.  I am a gentle little boy and I'm happy to practice having my legs raised for hoof trimming and I simpy love having my butt scratched! 


I can run really, really fast and I am very clever how I can cut corners so well.  I nearly drive my Mum crazy, as she tries to keep up with me and keep me safe.  Sometimes she looks really cross, but I just keep on running!  I might stop for a quick drink of milk and then I run some more.

Apollo the mini donkey looking beautiful
Apollo the mini donkey
Apollo the mini donkey meets a baby
Apollo the mini donkey eating mums flowers

My new owners had first option to have me live with them once I am weaned. 


They bought the last baby from Donkey Tales Farm Cottages and I will go to live with Manhattan at 6 months of age.


Apparently, I am going to be gelded before I go, but Sirocco and Dusty tell me its a good idea and that I'll be just fine.  I won't get into any trouble that way, so I will just be very brave!


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