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Ardern  (Ardern has now moved with his Mumma Skye and is very much loved by his new human Mumma)


My name is Ardern.  I was named after the New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern.

Jacinda brought hope, togetherness and a sense of comfort to her people, after a senseless mass shooting.

A friend on the Donkey Tales Facebook Page thought the name was fitting for me, as I too, bring hope, togetherness and comfort to those I meet.

I am a spotted donkey like my beautiful Mumma, Magic Skye, with a hint of red from my Daddy Antipodes. 

I have the features of a Mediterranean donkey like Tippy too, with a small face and hooves.

I am gentle and friendly, but I am definitely a bit annoying to my Mumma though, but she is very patient with me most of the time.  Now I'm out in the big paddock, so I have lots of friends to play with.  I think my Mumma is happy about that!  Although I am young, I am trying really hard to bray.  Its pretty squeeky still, but I'm definately working on it!

I love to run and I can run very fast and I love going around in circles, again and again and again.  I love cutting corners in the dirt too haha!  Sometimes I will keep running for 15 minutes or so, just because I can!  Makes it fun for my human Mummy, when she tries to film it, she gets very, very dizzy!

When I am six months old, I will be moving to a new house with my Mummy Skye.  It's not very far away, so my human Mummy and Daddy can still visit us.  Everyone is sad that we will be moving, but our new Mummy visits us a lot already and has since I was born.  She is busy preparing a yard especially for us with a brand new shelter!  She can't wait for us to live with her.  I think we might get a little bit spoilt there :)

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