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Oh our dearest little Blossom!

I was born to a maiden donkey at our farm, named Maya.

My Mummy was Pete's favourite donkey to have cuddles with. She had come from Ecclestone Valley in Tasmania with Antipodes.

She had difficulty giving birth to me and things didn't exactly go smoothly after I was born! 


My Mummy was really tired and didn't know what she was supposed to do with me.   I do know she was none too happy with the idea of feeding me after my birth and I can't say I blame her.   I just couldn't find my way out and Peter and Marianne had to help me enter the world.  When I was finally delivered I wasn't breathing.  Fortunately Marianne and her neighbour Robby who came to help, knew what to do.  Once I was breathing properly, it seemed my hind legs didn't want to work and everybody thought I might be paralysed.  It was a very scary time for everybody.

After lots of massage and holding me up, I managed to get some feeling in my legs and eventually I could stand on my own.  Not a regular birth at all and my Mummy was really scared of me.  Everytime I would try to get close to my Mummy, she would panic and try to stomp and kick me.   Peter and Marianne and their two lovely neighbours Robby and Ralph tried for hours to help me get close enough to my Mummy for a feed.  They  get my Mummy to let me feed.  So Pete expressed milk and Marianne got a bottle ready toput the milk in.  They knew it was really important to get the special milk called colostrum into my belly, otherwise I could die.  Everybody tried for four days to get my Mummy to love and feed me, but she wouldn't have a bar of me!  Every two hours, milk was expressed from my mummy to feed me, but after four days, her milk dried up and it was decided I would be raised by hand.  I'm sure it was not an easy decision for Marianne and Peter, as I would need feeding every two hours and only gradually, the feeds would get bigger and further apart.  Mummy donkeys usually feed there babies for 6 months, so the fun was just beginning.

After being told to buy the wrong formula to sustain me, when I reached 7 days old I became listless.  So into the back of the neighbours station wagon I went and my first outing was a visit to a new vet.  A change in formula and things started to improve quickly thank goodness!

Peter and Marianne were told to stop feeding me from a bottle and get me to drink my milk from a bowl or a bucket

They thought it was the sweetest thing, to see my milk covered muzzle at the end of each feed!  I really loved drinking my milk like that too!

At about the same time I was born, my human sister had brought her Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy live with me and we became the best of friends. Naya would walk around the yard with me eating grass  and I started trying to bark at the end  of my bray!!!  Donkeys don't always like dogs, but I sure liked Naya, she was my best friend.

Eventually the time came, that Marianne and Peter thought I needed to live in the paddock like the other donkeys.  They thought it was important for me to be integrated into the herd as soon as possible, as with such a long life span, I needed to know how to be a donkey first and foremost.  Easier said than done!

It appeared the other donkeys didn't like me and they gave her a really hard time.  With no Mummy to protect me, they needed to be very careful I didn't get hurt.  So they borrowed a sheep from a friend, his name was Winston. 

Winston didn't seem to like me either.  We they brought another young donkey in with us, Tyrion, he wasn't interested in me either and he befriended Winston instead of me!  So Winston got sent back home!

Marianne and Pete eventually worked out, the main cause of the problem was Rocco, so he was moved to a separate paddock, until I had settled with the other donkeys, then Rocco was reintroduced a few weeks later.  Job done!

But still, if anybody was left on their own or outside of the shelter when it was raining, it would be me. {sad face}

Peter, my human daddy, actually fed me a night feed for an few extra months, because he enjoyed hearing me run across the paddock in the still of the night at bedtime.   We still have a very close bond and I often accompany Peter to special events.  I have become the unofficial mascot of the Talbot Fire Brigade and sometimes Pete takes me to the Talbot market.


will always be just that little bit different to a regular miniature donkey, but I wouldn't change anything about it now. 

Peter and Marianne are so proud of me.  They say I am a delight and they love me to bits!  I hope I become a good Mummy one day......

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