Donkey Tales Farm Cootages Daisy.



My name is Daisy and well, you can call me Daisy!


I am a real character!   I have the softest fur of all the donkeys and the most rottund belly!  I have the darkest fur and the most beautiful muzzle.  


My owners say they are most pleased with me, as I have made tremendous progress in my time here.


In the early days, my owners would sometimes sit for up to 3 hours, out in the paddock, waiting for me to come close to them.  I was not really 'into people' so much back then.  When things got better, Marianne would walk 360 degree circles with me for an hour, just to get my halter on.   Now however, I surprise my owners, by often being the first to come to see visitors.  Now I even let them pat me, though I prefer not on my head.


I'm told I am something like a giraffe, in that when you offer me something to eat, I can stretch my neck out the furthest and make my top lip stretch just like a giraffe!

Its pretty cute to see!


Have you seen the movie 'Happy Feet'?  Do you remember the poor little penguin who couldnt sing in tune?  Well that's my downfall, I've got a donkey bray that sounds like it needs tuning...  really bad!

Oh well, doesn't stop me singing anyway!  I'll keep working on it, you just let me know if I'm making any improvements along the way.

Everybody who visits me asks if I am pregnant.  It just so happens, we female donkeys come in all shapes and sizes and I just happen to have a wide girth! Humphh!

My best friend is Sunshine.  We even had our babies at the same time, just to make sure we got to stay together.


PS.  I love juicy apples too!  I make a real mess with apple dribble, because I just love them.




Donkey Tales Farm Cottages Daisy the miniature Donkey
Daisy at Donkey Tales Farm stay cottages

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Our majestic Daisy at Donkey Tales Farm Cottages, Maryborough Victorias
Daisy the miniature Donkey with her best friend Sunshine
Donkey Tales Daisy, with the softes, whitest muzzle
Daisy meeting guests from Japan at Donkey Tales Farm Cottages
Daisy on a cool frosty morning at Donkey Tales Farm Cottages
Daisy our female Shrek donkey at Donkey Tales Farm Cottages