Photo by Melanie Faith Dove

'The Dove'


Little Lucia 


Hello my dear visitors.  So nice of you to take a look at my page. Please call me Lucy.


I was the last purchased donkey by the owners at Donkey Tales Farm for some time.   It made me no less important, in fact the opposite.  They were waiting to be sure I had fallen pregnant with the amazingly handsome Satchmo from Ecclestone Valley in Tasmania, before I made the sea voyage to Victoria.


So fair to say, when I arrived, I had a job on my hooves, teaching the others that I was no pushover.  I will have the final say as to who shares the food tubs with me.  Mess with me at feed time and you might just hear some quite unfeminine noises!  But don't be alarmed, I am one of the sweetest, most well behaved donkeys you could ever meet.  My owners call me Sweet Lucy if that's any indication.


I do make my thoughts quite clear if you come into the paddock to meet me.  A good solid nudge from me, indicates I want your attention.  Some serious patting or a good brushing should keep me happy,  just be prepared to feel my persuasive nudge again, if you should stop before I am finished!  Oh, I sometimes aim forthe back of your knee, just to make sure to know it's me!


I gave my owners the pleasure of delivering a handsome little jack foal, 'Manhattan', on September 11, 2013.  You must watch his videos, to see what a cherub he was as a little'un.  Way too cute!

I'm also the Mumma of Tyrian, who was a most handsome baby and then I finally produced my first little girl, Chenoa, a soft fluffy grey Dove.

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