Magic Moondust - Dusty


I am known as Dusty and I was the firstborn donkey foal, at Donkey Tales Farm Cottages.


I was a bit of a surprise, as I arrived 5 weeks before my due date!  Marianne walked outside and there I was, complete in my birthsack, ready to be saved!

What a wonderful night everybody had, gazing upon me, taking more photos than you could imagine.  I looked like I had dark brown stockings on all four legs and I was trully a beautiful sight.  If I had been a girl, they were going to call me Pippy Longstockings!

The next day, I laid myself down for a nap as you will see in one of my photos, and Marianne saw me laid flat out and came running at full speed, thinking I had met an ufortunate end.  But no, that is how I like to sleep and still do!


I am a very gentle boy, sweet natured and handsome, though I can be a bit clutzy at times.  I have a habit of pulling at your clothes if you don't show me enough attention and I am one of the biggest donkeys here, but I'm also the biggest scaredy cat.  If I hear you make a loud noise, or if you run at me, I will be the one who gets moving first in the opposite direction.  I sometimes push in a bit for a cuddle.  I was the first baby here, so it's only fair, in my opinion!


 I have flirty eyes and if you look into them, you will be hooked under my spell forever ha ha!  I got those from my Mum, Magic Skye.  I'm a keeper :)


I can jump hurdles with ease, if and when I want to.  Lately though I just step over them, one leg at a time.   I'm so darned cute, I get away with it and make people laugh.


There is a great movie of me running around the big paddock when I first got out there.  I had such a good time, I just couldn't stop running!!!

I'm friends with all the girls and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Donkey Society of Victoria

Miniature donkey Breeders

Miniature donkeys Melbourne

Magic Moondust with his Mumma Magic Skye
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