Mumma Magic Skye with our first foal, Magic Moondust
Skye being so curious and wanting your attention
Magic Skye the English/Irish Miniature donkey at Donkey Tales Farm Cottages

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Magic Skye (Skye has now moved to a new home with her beautiful baby Ardern.  They are both very much loved by their new human Mumma and I'm so happy I can still visit them)


So nice of you to drop by.  My name is Magic Skye!

I am the Matriarch of the Donkey Tales Farm Cottages and am 16 years old.


Being of English/ Irish descent, I am different to all the others donkeys here.  I am a little bit taller, though still a miniature donkey, my head is a little larger as are my hooves and when I bray, I bellow like a foghorn!


I love to call out to you when I see you, so don't be afraid to come down to my paddock and say hello.  I may appear a little aloof sometimes, but I really do like you to be near me.

I have often been spotted following small children around the paddocks, as I am very maternal and just like to keep my eye on them.

I make short work of munching carrots, yet am a very gentle girl by nature.

When I run, I am most graceful.  I often run to see my owners when they come to visit and I am often first.  They love it and laugh a lot as my friend Tippy, is always last!

What makes me most special of all, is that I gave birth to the first baby at Donkey Tales Farm.

I have very beautiful eyes and I'm not afraid to put you under my donkey spell with them! 


Miniature donkeys, Skye and baby Dusty