Hello everybody.  My name is Manhattan.  Some people call me Manny Mischief and others call me Manny the monkey.


I was conceived at Ecclestone Valley Miniatures in Tasmania and came all the way to Daisy Hill in my mummies tummy.


I was named Manhattan, as I was born on September 11, 2013.  I am a gentle reminder, that good things still happen in this world and nobody will stop that! 


What a cheeky little rascal I am and it has been noticed that I am a very intelligent little fellow.  I started to chew on hay really quickly and drink from the water trough.  I could hardly bare waiting, until I was allowed into the big paddock with all the other donkeys.  I wasn't even a little bit afraid of them.  From the minute I was with them, I showed them I was boss and they all followed me everywhere.


Recently, Peter asked Marianne why all the donkeys had patchy fur on their bottoms.  She said to Peter, 'has Manny got patchy fur on his bottom'?  Peter had a look and said, 'no'.  Can you believe Marianne replied, 'well there's your answer'!  Why would she think it was I, who keeps jumping all over the other donkeys and pulls at their fur???  Ok, so maybe I do that sometimes, but it couldn't all be my fault could it?  Really???    I'm just so full of energy and I love, love, love to play all the time.  It's just boy play you know!


I am a little bit of a nipper when I want your attention.  I am getting better at not doing that, but its really hard for me, because I get so excited.  I don't want to hurt you, I just want your attention.


I do love being brushed and having my tummy rubbed and I love having visitors come to see me. Sometimes I like to go for a walk and other days, I can be just a little bit stubborn.  Marianne calls those days, a donkey drag!


My bray is still developing and sometimes its a bit squeeky, but Marianne and Peter know its me calling!


Marianne came outside and sat with me one day, to tell me that I had been sold and would be moving to my new home in late May.

I am going to live with a really awesome family, who came to stay at the cottages.  Now that will be a very memorable holiday for them.  They will have me for such a long time to remind them of their little weekend away!  They are building a new shelter for me and a paddock right next to the house.  They have children living there, who are very excited at the thought of my arrival.  We are going to have so much fun together!  I will still be in Victoria, so Peter and Marianne will still be able to visit me.


I just have to be gelde before I go, whatever that means!  Dusty and Rocco say I'm in for a big surprise!


Manhattan has left our Donkey Tales Farm

Left, is Manny heading off to his new family.  So little, in that great big trailer!  

Below, he is being welcomed to his new residence, by the next youngest member of the family.

Lots of love coming his way!