My name is Maya!  I prefer to called Princess Maya, because I am just like a princess!


I have beautiful colouring on my face and grow a divine winter coat.  I'm quite girly and definately very pretty.


I have a favourite owner and that is Peter.  You can probably tell from my photo's. Whenever I can, I love to give cuddles with my head on you're shoulder.  If you get down on the ground I like to climb across your lap too. 



I am quite pushy when it comes to being brushed.  I could stand around all day whilst you pamper me!


I am gentle and sweet natured and my best paddock friend right now is Sirrocco.


When I bray, I am one of the loudest of the herd.

If my owners are late feeding us our hay, it's me

who calls out first, to remind them,

'it's breakfats or dinnertime'!


I love life here on the farm.  I love to run in the

paddock when it's cool.


I am one donkey who loves to make noise with my

hooves, either by banging on our dinner container,

or a plant pot or whatever else I can find!


I am Maya and I am

2 1/2 now!

My owners call me, 'Princess Maya', because they think I am such a pretty girl.


I am 87.5% Mediteranean and came here from Launceston, Tasmania.  I arrived with Antipodes, but because I am young and Tippy is a Jack, we live in different paddocks now.


My new best friend is Sirocco and we are almost always together.  We look so alike, that our owners often mistake us for each other! (Especially if we are wet from the rain!).


I am a gentle girl and I love being affectionate.  I like to try and sit on Peter's lap when he bends down to pat me.  It makes him laugh a lot!


Be prepared to get covered in dust when I'm around.  I don't mind a bit  ....   :-D