mr pink large format.jpg

Photo by Judy Finney

Ecclestone Valley Miniature Donkeys

Pink Knight - (alias Mr Pink Junior)

After much anticipation and great deliberation, my new owners came to the conclusion that I should join them as a future Jack at Donkey Tales. 


Marianne had her heart set on adding a red genetics to their herd.   


As they had been so very happy with other donkeys they had purchased from Ecclestone Valley Miniature Donkeys, they consulted with their trusted friend (and support in everything donkey), Judy, to help select the right donkey.  Not only for genetics and breeding lines, but most important of all to them, was temperament.   (some more photos's taken by Judy when I was a baby, below)


Guess what?  I got the job! 


Marianne flew to Tassie to meet me, to see what she thought after meeting me in the fur.

She knew I wasn't quite as red as Prince Harry who was with me, I am more of a strawberry pink, but I have something very special about me and I charmed her from the minute we met! 

I am a real sweetie, so gentle and very affectionate.

After spending some time in the foal paddock, Marianne was under my spell and just to be sure to clinch the deal, I rested my chin on one of the other foals backs and just stood looking very relaxed (and super cute).  Marianne and Judy had a bit of a laugh.

Shake of the hands, deal done!  I would be on my way to live at my new home very soon.  

I know the way to a donkey lovers heart hee hee!

I settled in very well once I arrived and even Peter (the Senior Mr Pink), was smitten when he met me.

Proud to say, I am rather gorgeous! {insert big smiling face}

When I am old enough, my job will be to produce beautiful babies with some of Tippy's babies.  Hopefully the red genetics in my line will throw the occassional red baby, but then the trouble will begin, because they won't want to let them go!

Please remember to say hello to jacks first when you visit donkeys.  Its how we like it, as part of the hierachy.  It also lets us know the jennies we are looking after are safe and that you don't want to hurt them.  After all, we may be small, but our job is to keep our girls protected and, well, other stuff, but I'm yet to learn about that, when I'm a bit older.