Photo by Melanie Faith Dove

'The Dove'

Queen of Hearts (Queenie)

I am Queenie, the second born foal to Maya, (who is also Blossom's Mumma).


Unlike Blossom, my birth was uneventful thank goodness, but my sweet Mumma Maya, was still not keen on the idea of feeding me.  Being well prepared, my Mumma's new owner Shane, (from Malakai Alpaca's), had a plan ready before my birth and had my Mumma feeding me on her own, in just two days!  How lucky for me, that she learned to love me for the cute little button that I am.

Marianne was so excited hearing of my arrival, that she came to meet me on my first day of life and she was absolutley smitten!  What a stunning, personable little foal I was, from the moment I was born.  I was so curious and happy to have affection and my Mumma seemed quite happy to have Marianne there, patting us both.

Thinking I was not going to be avalable to be sold, was a very sad time for Marianne and Peter.  I had wormed my way into their hearts in a big way!  Sometimes, life just puts you in a place where things happen as they are meant to and they both thought I should be living at  Donkey Tales haha!


I wish I had been there when it happened, but Shane who had bred me at his farm, decided Marianne and Peter could purchase me, as a special addition to their herd.  I was going to live with my half sister Blossom!  Marianne and Peter could not believe it and they were sooooo excited, there was much rejoicing!  They felt very priviledged, that I was going to live with them once I was weaned.   I heard Marianne say, "I make her heart melt!" 

Born with a tattoo like heart shape on my left shoulder at birth, Queen of Hearts was a name that suited me perfectly and I live up to it every day.  Just enough attitude to make life interesting, but with enough heart, to bring absolute joy to those who come to see me.    I just love attention and I'll often rest my head against your legs or push myself against you if you are sitting down.  I'm really not to too fussed about your personal space as I am more than happy to be in it.


I am a very gentle jenny.  I'm not very big in stature, but the size of my heart makes up for it with gusto!

I love meeting all the visitors who come to see us.