My name is Sirrocco, but you can call me Rocco! 


Well what can I say???  I am the guilty one, who started the herd of donkeys at Donkey Tales Farm.


I was such an irrestibly cute donkey foal, that when my owners saw me, they fell in love with the gorgeous little man I was!   They say the rest is history, but seriously, we all write new episodes to the history book every week!


After seeing my foal photo and arranging for me to travel from Tasmania by boat, my new owners lives changed completeley and forever.    We have changed the day for so many visitors and the lives of many, getting to know the sweet affection donkeys deliver, the intelligence they demonstrate and the humour we display.  

I am 100% Mediterranean and I was the first donkey to show these humans what donkey life is all about.

When I first came to live with Peter and Marianne, we lived 5 days a week in South-East Melbourne on a 1/4 acre block.   Each night we would walk/run for a few km's around the block.  I had friends everywhere!  I was quite famous on Facebook for a while, doing the usual 'selfies'.   I would live mostly on the back verandah, where I could see everything going on in the house.  I was very much a part of the family.  When I would see someone moving about in the morning through the glass door, I would call out for them to come and give me some 'Donkey Lovin!'

Every weekend, we would drive to the farm.  I was such a good boy getting myself in and out of the trailer.  I had the most fun when we would stop at the service stations.  Enclosed in my trailer, I would let out a mighty 'eeh aww' - scare the daylights out of people putting fuel in their cars, haha!!!


Not for a minute, have any of us had regrets about coming to live at Donkey Takes Farm.  We are loved beyound measure and so much time is spent, simply sitting and walking with us.


Have you ever breathed in the sweet smell of a donkey?  We have a unique smell of our own, which is not at all offensive.  We are always warm to snuggle up with in the colder months and have glorious coats to feel both in winter and summer.


Have you looked into our eyes?  We have such flirtatious eyes.  When we 'bat' our eyelashes, we look sweet as Apple Pie!  Even though sometimes, we can be truly mischievious.  We are just being playful.  It's not in our nature to be agressive.  We truly love company from humans and most cetainly love it when you brush and pat us!!!


Take a look at what a cutie I am.


I have been known to become fascinated with rolling grapes and cups of coffee.  I am also the one, who worked ou how to break into the hay shed  :)


I'm often the first to come to meet visitors and believe me, I don't miss a trick!


I love to run fast, jump over things, go for walks and I am very observant with who comes and goes. I was the biggest donkey here for a short time, but that didnt last long.  I'm so good at jumping now, I outsmarted my owners and have been jumping the barrier to the stored hay!  They wondered why I was the only donkey getting a fat neck ha ha!!!  Life was pretty good for a little while.


My photo to the left, is when my owners took me to a show and I met a beautiful mammoth donkey.  I think she was interested in me, if only there hadnt been a fence between us!

Height is just a number.  Right???