Hello everybody.  My name is Sunshine.  I am the sweetest little Jenny you could ever meet.  I am a woolly gene Miniature Mediterranean donkey.  You can see my beautiful winter coat in the photo above.  


If you take the time to come and meet me, I would love you to feel under my chin.  My lip is oh, so beautifully soft, as is the velvet like fur on my muzzle.


There is something about spending time with us, that calms you, no matter how tense or stressed you have been.  You are sure to feel better and leave with a smile on your face after a visit to the farm.


I had a lovely lady from the local newspaper come to see us.  She was squated down on the ground and had a camera going click, click, click.  I aited patiently for what seemed ages to get her attention.  No matter how close I got to her face though, she just didnt stop takeing pictures to pat me.  So, I had to be a little creative to get her attention.  I reached over andd gently took the hat from her head.  She got a bit of a surprise when I did that.  I think she thought I would chew it up, but I just help it in my lips, hoping now she would pat me. But alas, she then took photos of me, holding her hat!  I am quite photogenic, so it's only fair I got onto the front on the newspaper.  (I once was in the herald sun in a photo when I was a baby too)


My best friend was Dusty and that was from the minute I arrived at Donkey Tales Farm Cottages.  When Dusty was gelded, I was the first to rush over to comfort him.  He is a most special donkey friend and we are the same age too!


I have only been with my new family since August 2014 when I was almost 1.  Yet from the minute they met me, I knew I would be moving in with them, because I worked my donkey charm and  they were instantly besotted!  My new best friend is Daisy,  We have been together for the last few years, as we fell pregnant roughly at the same time and had our babies just 3 days apart.  Chaske, a most sweet little boy, wasvery petite and very handsome indeed.


We are still together and pregnant again, this time though, we are due on the same day!

No sleep for our owners this October haha!


Everyone who has met me falls in love with me and I bet you will too!  

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sunshine and Chaske.jpg
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