I am the newest addition and my name is Manhattan. 


I arrived on the 13th anniversary of 9/11, so my owners named me 'Manhattan', or Manny for short, as a reminder, that life continues after tragedy and I will be something to smile about on future anniversaries!


I was born in the late afternoon and am the second baby born to Donkey Tales Farm.  My mum is Little Lucia and my Dad lives in Launceston, Tasmania and is named Satchmo.


I grew four teeth in my first 3 days and I think I am really grown up!  I have been trying to chew grass and hay from day two, though most of it falls out of my mouth.


I am a cheeky rascal and love jumping up on my mum to ask her play with me.  I am inquisitive and come running when people come to see me.  I am a bit of a smootcher and love having the sides of my face rubbed.


Since I joined the others in the big paddock, I have been nick-named 'Manny Mischief'.





Who would believe it???  A lovely family came to visit and stay in our cottages.

Next thing, they were ringing up asking about me and 'was it true, my family were looking to sell me?'  


Now as I am the baby of the family, I thought for sure this couldn't be true!


Well Marianne came outside and had a little talk to me.  It seems my new family have fallen in love with me and the thought of me moving to their farm has them all very excited!  Its not that Marianne and Peter don't want to keep me, just they want me EVEN MORE!  Wow!  I might even become more spoiled with love, than I am now.  


Latest update is, Manny thinks its his job to help round up the sheep and he does a fine job of it!  He is the talk of the town and the school bus constantly has a lean to one side, as it goes past his yard.  His new owners think the world of their newest addition!



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