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Proudly designed by Marianne for Donkey Tales Farm Cottages  2014


Central Goldfields Shire has outstanding sports and leisure facilities for both locals and visitors.


The Sport and Fitness Centre, corner of Gillies Street and Majorca Road, offers a 25 metre indoor heated pool, toddlers beach front pool, spa, sauna, fully equipped gym and court sports.


There is also a 50 metre outdoor pool in Maryborough, 25 metre outdoor pool at Talbot and a 25 metre outdoor pool in Dunolly which are available in the summer months.

Maryborough Motorcycle Club. The club was originally formed before World War II, their track and club rooms are located at Alma Recreation Reserve.

Located on the outskirts of Maryborough is a velodrome.

There are golfing facilities in Maryborough, Talbot and Dunolly. All towns in the Central Goldfields Shire offer excellent bowling greens. Maryborough's lawn tennis courts are available for visitor use.

There are also facilities for Petanque (French bowls) and croquet.

Dunolly Golf Club

Address:Short Street Dunolly (1 km NW of town)

Phone:(03) 5468 1010




Maryborough Golf and Bowling Club

Address:Park Road, Maryborough

Phone:(03) 5460 4900




Maryborough Harness Racing Club

Address:62 Chaplins Rd, Carisbrook VIC 3465

Phone:(03) 5464 2451 or 0418 552 294




Maryborough Highland Society

Address:35 High Street, Maryborough

Phone:(03) 5461 1480




Talbot Golf Club

Address:1992 Lexton-Talbot Road, Talbot VIC 3371

Phone:(03) 5463 2222




Goldfields Reservoir

Address:Ballarat Road, Maryborough VIC 3465

Phone:(03) 5460 4511



Gordon Gardens

Address:Market Street, Dunolly

Phone:(03) 5460 4511




Lake Victoria

Address:Park Road, Maryborough

Phone:03 5460 4511




Maryborough Bush and Town Walk


Phone:(03) 5460 4511




Paddy's Ranges State Park and Maryborough


Phone:1800 356 511



Phillips Botanical Gardens

Address:Alma Street, Maryborough

Phone:03 5460 4511




Princes Park Complex

Address:Park Road, Maryborough VIC 3465

Phone:(03) 5460 4511





Coiltek Gold Centre

Address:6 Drive in Court, Maryborough

Phone:(03) 5460 4700



Dunolly Cycle Tracks

Address:Dunolly, Victoria VIC 3472

Phone:(03) 5460 4511


Dunolly Outdoor Swimming Pool

Address:Market Street, Dunolly

Phone:(03) 5461 4300




Maryborough Outdoor Swimming Pool

Address:Lake Road, Maryborough, VIC 3465

Phone:(03) 5461 1925




Maryborough Sports Leisure Centre

Address:40 Gillies Street, Maryborough

Phone:(03) 5461 4300




Redbank Alpacas

Address:3165 Sunraysia Highway, Redbank VIC 3477

Phone:03 5499 9277



Talbot Outdoor Swimming Pool

Address:Scandinavian Crescent, Talbot VIC 3371

Phone:(03) 5463 2329




Tullaroop Leisure Centre

Address:Carisbrook-Talbot Road, Carisbrook VIC 3464

Phone:(03) 5464 2405



Aboriginal Wells

Address:Wells Track, Maryborough VIC 3465



Bristol Hill Lookout

Address:Miners Drive, Maryborough VIC 3465



Grand Duke Mine

Address:8kms north of Maryborough



Maryborough Marketplace

Address:47 Nolan Street, Maryborough VIC 3465




Maryborough Railway Station

Address:Station Street, Maryborough



Maryborough Walking Tour


Phone:(03) 5460 4511


McLandress Square

Address:Clarendon Street, Maryborough VIC 3465


Talbot Observatory

Address:9 Camp Street, Talbot VIC 3371

Phone:03 5463 2029


The Aboriginal Shelter Tree

Address:Pollocks Rd off the Maryborough/Ballarat Rd between Maryborough & Talbot






 Dunolly-Havelock Gold Rush Trail (1419 KB)


Mostly gentle ride through undulating forest and farmland.

Dunolly is an old gold mining town surrounded by stunning box and iron bark forest. This town was once referred to as the 'Golden Triangle‛ because there were more nuggets found in the district than any other in Australia and was home to the largest gold nugget ever found in the world - the 'Welcome Stranger‛.

Major Trail Features:
1. Hugh Hughes Eucalyptus Site
2. Rock Cairn – 1895 Murder Site
3. Old Bromley School
4. Old Dredge Site
5. Former Township of Bromley
6. Old Sugar Gums Nursery Site
7. Cairn – Naming of Maryborough at Old Police Camp



 Timor Grand Duke Trail (918 KB)


Reasonably gentle ride through farmland.

Once a thriving metropolis with a population in excess of 27,000, this now sleeping hollow is home to the spectacular Grand Duke Mine and the intriguing Timor Cemetery.

Major Trail Features:
8. Seaham Mine Bushland Reserve
9. Gladstone Reserve
10. Timor Cemetery
11. Grand Duke Mine and Arch
12. Nuggetty Gully Reservoir



 Carisbrook Settlers Trail (1878 KB)


Mostly gentle ride through forest and farmland.

Carisbrook is the centre of a rich agricultural area that poses many historic buildings and sites such as the Old Log Gaol which retains its original interlocking and horizontally-laid log walls and the Masonic Lodge.

Major Trail Features:
13. Old Bluchers Mine
14. Forestry Demonstration Site
15. Carisbrook Cemetery
16. Cairn – Tilly Ashton
17. Historic Walk/Ride Bucknall Street
18. Maryborough Harness Racing Track/ Old Charles
Kingsford Smith Airfield
19. Old Phelan Ready Built Home Site



 Majorca Kong Meng Trail (1642 KB)


Reasonably gentle ride through forest and township.

Majorca was founded in 1863 towards the end of the Victorian gold rush after two prospectors struck gold at nearby McCallum‛s Creek. Two months later, there were 250 stores and restaurants catering to a population of around three to four thousand, although many shops and residents soon returned to nearby Maryborough. The town size was sustained for over 50 years through gold mining, including the Kong Meng Mine.

Major Trail Features
20. Old Mosquito School
21. Kong Meng Mine Site
22. Old Majorca School Site, Township
23. Cairn – Gold Escort Route
24. Battery Dam Historic Site – Old Eucalyptus Still



 Talbot Heritage Trail (1199 KB)

  45 km

Slightly steep hill through mostly forest.

A picturesque early goldmining town with a unique streetscape of heritage sites and buildings.

Major Trail Features:
25. Paddys Ranges State Park - Campground Facilities
26. Wildflowers in Spring
27. Hendrickson Dam Eucalyptus Still
28. Mud Brick Fence 1800‛s House Site
29. Birthing Tree
30. Bull Gully Aboriginal Rainwater Wells
31. Cairn – Discovery of Gold Nugget



 Paddy's Ranges Trail (777 KB)


Reasonably easy ride through undulating forest.

The Paddys Ranges Trail is a great place to observe relics of the goldmining era. This trail is well known for its wildflower displays and is home to more than 140 native birds, including the rare Painted Honeyeaters and Swift Parrots

Major Trail Features:
26. Wildflowers in Spring
32. Water Race feeding Goldfields Reservoir



 Craigie Forest Trail (878 KB)

  11 km

Easy Forest Ride; Short rocky area

Craigie State Forest is home to beautiful Box and Ironbark trees. Set amongst the forest are the historically significant Bull Gully Aboriginal Rainwater Wells and The Battery Dam Historic Site, home to an old Eucalyptus Still.

Major Trail Features:
30. Bull Gully Aboriginal Rainwater Wells
24. Battery Dam Historic Site- Old Eucalyptus Still

 Avoca Mountain View Trail (1819 KB)


Mostly gentle ride through forest, farmland and townships.

With the backdrop of the Pyrenees Ranges and tall red gums along its riverbanks, Avoca is an idyllic rural town with a mixture of cafes, galleries, specialty shops and accommodation.

Major Trail Features:
32. Water Race feeding Goldfields Reservoir
26. Wildflowers in Spring
27. Hendrickson Dam Eucalyptus Still
28. Mud Brick Fence 1800‛s House Site
33. Historic Blue Stone Culverts


Maryborough Town Walk Tour


The best way to explore the town of Maryborough. Taking in grand buildings, historical sites, galleries and much more. The perfect way to spend your day in town and keeping active.

Grab a copy of the Town Walk brochure from the Central Goldfields Visitor Information Centre.


Maryborough Bush and Town Walk


Maryborough is surrounded by Box-Ironbark parks and forests including Paddys Ranges State Park, Maryborough Regional Park and Craigie State Forest. Walking is one of the best ways to see the township and the surrounding bush. The Maryborough Bush and Town Walk takes advantage of many of the natural and historical features while providing opportunities for the health benfits of walking. The Maryborough Bush and Town Walk uses footpaths throughout the town, minor gravel roads and specifically constructed walking trails in the bush. The walk, which can be done in sections, is about 25 kilometres in total. There are several sections or loops that can be done as individual walks. These include:

  1. Goldfields Reservoir Walk - approx. 1.7 kms

  2. Paddys Ranges State Park - Loop walk from the picnic area - approx 1.8 kms

  3. Craigie State Forest - Battery Dam to Bull Gully rock wells - approx 2kms


Picnic tables, parking areas, barbeques and other visitor facilities are available on the walks. Toilets are located at the Goldfields Reservoir, Paddys Ranges State Park picnic area and campground and at the Information Centre in Maryborough.


Carisbrook Town Walk

Self-guided tour of the historic centre of Carisbrook. Brochure is available. Contact the Central Goldfields Visitor Information Centre for further information.


Welcome Stranger Discovery Walk - Moliagul

The Welcome Stranger Discovery Walk starts from the Welcome Stranger obelisk and explores the reserve which has a picnic area, shelters, barbecues and drinking water. It was near the start of the track that John Deason had a small two-roomed shack. It was to this shack that he first transported the nugget, placing it in the fire to burn off the debris.


A little further on is the puddler where Deason and Oates treated the wash from their claim. A puddler was a watertight circular trench that was filled with water. Dirt from the claim was then added and a horse walked in a circle dragging chains or harrows around the trench to break up the dirt and dissolve the clay. The sludge was drained off and the remaining rocks removed and put through a cradle to glean the gold. The puddler was built close to the house to deter thieves.

The pile of stones further on is all that remain of Richard Oates' house. He was working in the paddock here when Deason called him to see the nugget. There is a wooden headstone on the fence line which dates from the 1860s. It is thought to mark a Chinese grave. There were many Chinese as well as European miners in the area at that time.

Stones from fireplaces and raised dirt floors are all that remain of the Chinese camps from the 1860s. Like most such camps it was removed from the remainder of the settlement due to the hostility of the other miners.

The walk continues past an old puddling machine and the remnants of a once robust forest which provided shelter for kangaroos and emus before being chopped down by the miners.

The path then crosses Black Gully, so named because the gold here tended to be stained with black ironstone.

A guiding brochure is available from the Central Goldfields Visitor Information Centre.